Q: What does your Club Portal software do, exactly?


Q: How is your software better than competing products?



Q: What doesn't your software do?



Q: How long does it take to get set up?

A: We built the software from the ground up to handle everything that a large, professionally-run club has to deal with in terms of customizing payment plans, collecting debts and producing reports that easily track each player's financial status. 

A: Our software was built and battle tested at some of the biggest soccer clubs in southern California, and was built expressly to cater to mid-to-large competitive soccer clubs. We know soccer, and this software was built from the ground up to address concerns specific to soccer clubs. When software is built and used for football, baseball, lacrosse, swim teams, etc. it will lose the features needed by big and growing soccer clubs. 

A: We are laser-focused in providing the best financial tracking software solution in the industry. We don't provide an "all-in-one" solution - we're not a website design company; if you need a cheap and easy website,  we suggest squarespace.com. We don't have a tournament scheduling module, we don't provide team pages with alert functions for your team managers. Regardless, if you contact us, we'll help you find the BEST solution for you, even if it isn't our software. 

A: It takes us a few minutes to create an installation of your software. Pointing your preferred domain to our server takes a few more. Initial setup for tryouts, payment plans and team formation takes about a half hour and our staff will help you every step of the way.