we're on a quest to eliminate your frustration


A million different payment plans. Parents missing promised payments. A mangled financial spreadsheet that you're positive is not 100% accurate. Kids joining midseason, and quitting midseason. And on top of it, your DoC is adding teams left and right, adding to the chaos. 

Why did you volunteer for this job again? 

This company was born from the frustration often felt by overwhelmed club admins using an imperfect and inflexible payment tracking system, and the realization that dues uncollected need to be made up from other sources of revenue. 

From the ground up

We partnered with Surf Soccer Club in 2009 to build a system from the ground up that was flexible enough to handle the varying financial situations of 1,200 families playing in a year-round environment with different start/end dates for each age group. The club was also facing the prospects of a full financial audit, so we were tasked with building reports that would pass the scrutiny of an accounting firm. Five years later, Surf SC has estimated an increase in collections and a reduction of bad debt resulting in additional revenue to the club of over $200,000. 

From the beginning, our software was built by club admins, for club admins, to save you time and money. 


Is this software right for us?

If your club a) struggles with collecting the money owed the club, b) has more than 10 teams, and c) is not happy with the club's current system of running tryouts, forming teams, and tracking club finances, then YES!  

Our team

Our team is led by Bryan Thistle, a corporate attorney captured by the beautiful game thanks to his daughter's love for the sport. Software development is headed by Roy Kim and his firm Rykorp, bringing over 18 years of software development experience to the team. Deborah Fiddes and Jennifer Carrillo, two club admins who have years of practical hands-on experience with the software head up our customer service team.  


Here at Elite Soccer Clubs, we know the business of soccer. That's why we built a tool for the biggest and best soccer clubs out there, paying special attention to the elements of administration that are specific to the sport of soccer.

Each sport is a little different, and if you build software for every sport to use, then it probably doesn't do any one of them exceptionally well. 





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